I’m interested in what makes business buzz. My twenty years’ experience, in 10 countries, has confirmed what was a growing awareness for many years: it’s the people in the business – in the middle and at the front – (not the products and certainly not the business owners) who make a business succeed. It’s how they think, feel and act – day in/day out.

There are key drivers of success for any business and discovering these with those who make the business succeed is part of what I call “performance technology”. It is not rocket science and so far, I have found it to be an extremely accurate predictor of business success. This, together with showing people how to unleash their mental brilliance, has been a constant focus over the last two decades. Watching people “click” into action before my eyes is what drives me to keep doing what I do!

This work has been conducted at all levels in organisations and across most sectors and size of business. It has included work with professionals such as lawyers, accountants, engineers and scientists from a diverse range of icon companies in Australia and New Zealand. It has included work for a 6- week period in India and short assignments to a wide range of countries in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres.

My various projects include part-time/hands-on work in client businesses – keeping close to the market in this way keeps my management, sales and client service strategies relevant for today’s businesses.


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