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Financial literacy

It was Jan Carlzon, that superb leader of Scandinavian Airlines, who said: “An individual without information can’t take responsibility. An individual with information can’t help but take responsibility.” Without information, staff make sense of things in their own way. Do … Continue reading


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Presenteeism, Absenteeism and Disengagement

Today, the head of the United States Institute of Health and Productivity told TV ONE’s Breakfast programme how the issue of presenteeism adversely affects business performance. Sean Sullivan defined presenteeism as “employees whose ability to work is compromised by a … Continue reading

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Cost-justifying training spend

Return on dollars invested in a variety of people-related expenses in business (including conferences, training courses and on-the-job training – direct and indirect costs) can be measured in a number of ways. The bottom line of this argument is: any … Continue reading

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