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Self-fulfilling prophecy?

There’s a reason the self-fulfilling prophecy concept is so well known – it is so prevalent in a crisis. People panic. Business owners are people. Business owners panic and make rash decisions. Everyone gets scared and productivity suffers. The business … Continue reading

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2020 – What’s your highest priority?

These quotes got me thinking: “The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler “Priority management is the answer to maximising the time you have.” John Maxwell All very well, but are we talking … Continue reading

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Engagement surveys – hitting the reset button

I’m not an advocate for Engagement surveys – they have always struck me as somewhere demeaning: sit over there and communicate with leaders via a digital dashboard. Why not simply ask people what they think, how they feel and what … Continue reading

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Digital fixation – before and after Christchurch

At a time when occupational therapists are alerting parents that their child may fall off their chair due to under-developed spatial awareness and balance from too much time on screens (down from 6 hours a day of outside play to … Continue reading

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The dark side of goal setting

Setting goals – specific, measurable, achievable, revealed (at least to one other person), time bound and WRITTEN – has been correlated with success. (Some even claim a causal link.)  Imagine a Tom Brady or Roger Federer with no goals. The … Continue reading

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The Human Race in an AI era

When John Bell was challenged to transform Fletcher Building’s group technology function so the business could grow and differentiate in the market, he put the human element front and centre, with a ‘transform from within’ approach. (See Reference) “You just … Continue reading

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The Productivity Budget

Budget commentary over the last few days has included the fact that NZers work some of the longest hours in the OECD and are among the lowest in productivity. Some explain this in terms of infrastructure investment (or lack thereof), … Continue reading

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