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Negativity an issue in your business?

Do you have staff who: hold you/your operation hostage? suck the life out of everyone, including you? drain your energy and leave you feeling exhausted? complain about everything (and nothing)? are simply ‘high maintenance’? Who knows………it is possible that due … Continue reading

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Customer as King or pawn?

Before my father went into marketing, he was in sales management and took sales training seriously. This was the era of John Cleese training videos and my brothers and I always had the first viewing of the latest comedic masterpiece. … Continue reading

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Leadership – leading from down under

It is Leadership Week in New Zealand. How apt. A week when we have welcomed back Emirates Team New Zealand with the oldest sporting trophy – the Auld Mug (a.k.a. The America’s Cup). It is time to consider what … Continue reading

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Lucy in the sky….

I was struck by an interview with Lucy* a few days ago as she described her work (paying her dues to society) as part of the ground crew setting up for WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance – 17-19 … Continue reading

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All you need is love………

Charles M. Schulz  wrote “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” What’s this to do with business (even if one of the most commercial holidays – Valentine’s Day – is just around the … Continue reading

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Objection, your Honour!

It’s not altogether surprising people get the words objection and objective confused. Sometimes you hear salespeople refer to overcoming objectives instead of overcoming objections (buyer resistance.) Freudian slip? Most people find it dehumanising to be handed ‘down’ objectives by people … Continue reading

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View from the top (Altitude sickness)

For as long as organisations have been exceeding industry benchmarks without traditional hierarchy structures, others have lamented ‘siloed’ organisations, a blame culture and performance failures, while structuring, restructuring and re-restructuring clumsy reporting lines and vertical  hierarchies. As I have observed … Continue reading

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