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A numbers game

If the All Blacks were a regular business that you and I directed, we’d surely prefer the All Blacks’ performance record over any other rugby team. Yet, going into last weekend’s semi-final against South Africa, the stats were 2/3 in … Continue reading

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Never mind leadership

Did you see the New Zealand Weekend Herald article: Never mind leadership, get on with your job? “Bosses should stop encouraging employees to become leaders – and teach them how to be followers instead” says Professor Birgit Schyns. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Natural Selection – All Blacks team is announced

Few were surprised with the naming of the All Blacks World Cup squad – sure there were a couple of surprise inclusions and omissions but considering the planned style of play and competition rules around replacements, the squad makes sense. … Continue reading

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Accelerated CHANGE

It’s not true that people hate change. (Ask any lotto winner!) What human beings hate is punishment – it is especially tortuous when seen as undeserved, unwarranted and unnecessary. Most managers of change are not ready to concede that they … Continue reading

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Workplace from hell?

Gene Palmer, worker suspected of helping two convicts escape Dannemora prison in New York State, was quoted: “With the money they pay you’ll go bald, you’ll have high blood pressure, you’ll become an alcoholic, you’ll divorce and then you’ll kill … Continue reading

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You get what you expect

When expectations propel you to brilliance – to your full potential – expectations are great. When they threaten, they debilitate. Contrast the last Rugby World Cup and the recent Cricket World Cup. During the last Rugby World Cup, we expected … Continue reading

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Brains trust

The brain is firmly on our radar. Not only did Brain scientist Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor open the Better-by-Design summit last week, but it is the New Zealand Neurological Foundation’s Brain Awareness week. Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor’s inspirational and courageous journey of … Continue reading

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Redundant thinking?

“I’ve been made redundant.” One example of self-abuse. Each word a deliberate self-flogging. This is not mere semantics. Say those words aloud and reflect on your: Thoughts Feelings Power Motivation Alternatively say: “I have a great opportunity now to get … Continue reading

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Is New Zealand over-managed yet under-led? When debating the difference between leading and managing, most say: Leading has to do with people, big picture, purpose, strategy, vision, change, inspiration and Tomorrow Managing is reductionist in nature – controls and systems … Continue reading

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Block the noise (through “neuro-management”)

A recent workshop with managers in a time-critical work environment reminded me how distracting, even damaging, some employees can be. How are busy managers to deal with workplace “neurotics”? While I don’t mean this term literally, from what I hear, … Continue reading

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