The connection between the brain and performance

It is amazing that there are still business leaders, and even managers throughout organisations, who pay little heed to how the human brain is structured, formed and (most importantly) changed.

Everyone I ask admits that they know that their brain determines how they think, feel, act, and therefore what they achieve. How then is this not critical to their career planning and even how they spend their time at work each day?

For those in a management role, this is the sole influence on how your staff think, feel and act and therefore the results they achieve. For those who doubt the sweeping nature of this statement, consider why one person in a sales team makes effortless sales yet another, working with the same product range, in the same market, can’t.

The brain structures for commitment to business goals are now well documented. Research into how the brain functions, how thinking forms and how it changes, how interactions with others influence our performance, and the role that management and leadership play in work results of work teams, is vast.

Daniel Goleman’s work in the area of Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence was fundamental to the work conducted by David Rock in establishing the Neuroleadership Institute. Daniel Seigel’s book, The Developing Mind, is another example of how accessible this information has been made for us in business.

What I’m interested in is:
How the brain gets “stuck” with certain thoughts
How the brain changes and re-programmes itself
How managers can change the way people think
How sales people can influence the thinking of others (given that they are being bombarded all the time by advertisers and therefore listening selectively)
How organisations can get the best performance from people

Brain research gives us clear, and even simple, answers to these questions. It is just a matter of finding it and applying it. The sooner you do, the sooner you and your work team will start to tap into unused potential.

Each person’s brain has enough brain cells to stretch 2 million miles. Each brain is capable of a million billion connections. Each of these has the potential to cause a breakthrough idea.

It is time to USE what you purchase with your payroll.


About Cherri Holland

Fascinated with business, brains and how to use the brains on the payroll to make business buzz.
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