Bubble bubble toil and trouble

Reflecting on the last couple of weeks,  I’m reminded that people (and organisations) have an extraordinary tolerance for  %^#&*. Like the boiled frog. People only act to deal with the %^#&* when things bubble over. When often it’s too late.

Why do things have to reach a crisis before people (and organisations) are driven to action…..to change those things pop psychologist Dr Phil calls “change worthy”? Up til then, these things lie submerged beneath life (and business)-as-usual.

Then a crisis hits, and people say: “why did they (whoever they is) wait for a disaster before doing something?”  Well, they (and we) don’t have to. And shouldn’t, if we want fulfilling lives and great organisations.

It boils down to ASPIRATION. Top performers (people and organisations) are aspirational. They want what’s best in a given situation.

When you tolerate what’s less than the best (possible), mediocrity seeps into your psyche and before you know it, you no longer aspire.

This is like acting under the influence of the lowest common denominator. This is true for both people and organisations. This influence is so profound, mediocrity can start to seem pretty damn good. It’s comfortable, and comfort is good, right? Fine; but be prepared to diminish with time and to be challenged by those who want more …….who want to be more (whatever their definition of that.)

If you want to live “full”,  or have a great organisation, decide to:

°          Aim for the best possible contribution and outcome in each and every situation

°          Make this a way of life (not a January rush of blood to the head)

°          Set up ways to get back to this path when things unavoidably boil over and toss you about

°          Seek improvement one degree at a time, so you become sensitised to micro temperature changes and are able to stay the distance during business (and life) as usual

°          Control the temperature shifts through anticipation and pre-emptive action

 Small adjustments today can mean the difference between thriving and expiring, for both people and organisations.


About Cherri Holland

Fascinated with business, brains and how to use the brains on the payroll to make business buzz.
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